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Ok, listen, I'm not Mexican. One day I was like"What should my generic username be?"I came up with Element_Wolfe01, I then though"That sounds like a grade 2 made that name" I then came up with Rodriguez Despacho! Because why not?

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So this is just an assignment I dug up and decided to post here. And yes I am that uncreative that I used Skyrim places etc. because I'm that creative. This is also a draft. I am yet to find the full version.

The King

Thud. That was it. He fell. His life. He died. Never has such a small moment, meant so much. For the king had fallen. For the king was dead…
It is the dark morning of Loredas, 17th day of Sun’s Dawn 3E 121.Although since seeing into the future wasn't anyone’s specialty back then, no one would have celebrated like they did. It was the king’s 2nd son’s birthday. Prince Cole should have been the next in line to the throne, since the king’s 1st son was at war. Despite the bad weather, everyone was having the time of their lives. Prince Cole was not the kingly type; he looked out for the little guy and cared about everyone’s feelings. This didn't sit well with the upper class. But I digress, the party was a very enjoyable experience, I know, because I was there. But soon the euphoria and light, happy mood of the room turned to shock and awe in light of the events that unfolded in those last hours. The clock stuck twelve. The king is dead. That same snippet was yelled, muttered, screamed and messaged throughout the city. Literally over night the empire that the royal family had built and nurtured for a many a year, crumbled. His army, crumbled. His loved ones, crumbled. His life crumbled.
This is the story of the 3rd son of the king.
Prince Elliot.

The streets were deserted, houses silent. Many had fled the city when the king had fallen because of who had risen to power. The kings’ uncle, Septimus Bomregarde, had taken Prince Cole’s place because he had not yet become a man. Septimus was an unfair and uneducated man. He would rule with a cruel, iron fist because everyone would constantly outwit him, in both politics and war. But Septimus was unhappy. He had no citizens to rule over, for, the streets were deserted. The once bustling city of Winterhold has now vanished off the map. The once cosmopolitan heartland of all Whiterun is now no more.
Prince Elliot is a small boy of about four foot five.
Prince Elliot and his remaining family moved to the nearest city, Riften. Riften was not a very beautiful city. Elliot thought to himself that every time he had to visit, the sky was never very light. It was like there was a constant storm hovering mere inches above his small body. Elliot isn’t what a normal werewolf would look like. He was small in stature, and not very strong. On that note, I should reveal the fact that the whole royal family has Wolfgang blood. This means that they are Metamorphs which, by definition, means they can ‘Shape shift’ into an Animal, specifically Werewolves. Even though people who had this power were accused of witchcraft and burned alive, the Royal family kept it a tight secret among themselves. I remember a time when the secret almost got out. But that’s a story for another time.

The family arrived in Riften. Unknown to Elliot and his family, word of the King’s demise hadn't reached The Rift (The Rift is the name of the hold that contains Riften. The other Holds in the land are: Eastmarch Hold, Falkreath Hold, Haafingar Hold, Hjaalmarch Hold, The Pale, The Reach and Whiterun Hold) But none the less, everyone was gloomy and sad, this was a normal morning for the Riften People. Riften has a very “colourful” past. Riften got its name because of the opening of the Oblivion Portal on Morndas, 10th day of Frostfall, 3E 231. But back to Elliot; they entered the local pub (The Bee and the Bard) to rent a room. The barmaid was an unsightly woman who had horrible, frizzy hair. She was Khajiit, a cat-like race from Elsweyr. She had one room available, the attic. Elliot loved attics but his Mum despised them. They stayed there for 2-3 months (Sun's Dusk and Evening Star). After they were done with the attic room in gloomy Riften, they moved onto one of the many Holds that could serve as a viable home for the lost family. (By the way, the reason behind renting an old, smelly attic in an unpopular pub, was so they could lay low, for Elliot’s mother was worried by the recent events, you can figure the rest out for yourself)

Their next stop on the list was Ivarstead. A small, quiet town on top of a waterfall; they planned to stop there for the night and would make for Whiterun in the morning. The barmaid was nicely dressed this time. She was a Nord, with wavy, blond hair; By the way, keep her in mind, she becomes very important later. So, they rented a room and set off in the morning. As they followed the border of The Rift and the Whiterun Hold they saw many Redguards lining the border. (Redguards: People native to the cosmopolitan heartland known as Cyrodiil. They have dark, leathery skin to protect them when in unarmoured combat). The overheard conversations emitted by the many guards was that two native clans were about to go to battle. This didn't worry Eliot, since he had his family to protect him. But in reality they were as vulnerable as a knight in battle without armor.

Once they had made it to Riverwood they stopped for a meal. Elliot had noticed that a figure dressed only in a black mages robe had been following them since Ivarstead. Elliot decided to ignore it. After the meal had finished the Royal Family, which, by the way, did NOT look Royal in the least, crossed the river outside of Riverwood and set on the path for Whiterun. After about an hour of walking in the general southerly direction, Elliot noticed once again, that the figure was still ghosting the family as if it was their shadow. This started to worry him, but Queen Stormcloak dismissed him. Even though she was very stressed with the fact that someone might be after their family, she did not listen to him. On that note, Elliot was still unsure of why they were heading to Whiterun and more importantly, why Whiterun? To tell you the truth, Rosella (Queen Stormcloak) had the same questions, even though she was leading the family. The next 10 – 20 minutes that unfolded before the whole of Whiterun would change the fate of all who were present.
Including me.

In the side of one of the guard towers was what appeared, to every one there, to be a cloud? It was, in fact, a cloud; the one that sits in the sky and laughs at mortals as they dwindle upon the ground. Out of the mist created by the impact, rose a God. A giant among giants. A tall, stocky figure emerged. Elliot recognized it immediately. It was Elliot, the God, of course, not the child. See, Elliot was named after this God. Elliot is the God of protection and well being. Many of the town’s people were very surprised by the fact that Elliot would come down from the sky to, because this is what it looked like, attack Whiterun. But the situation was much direr than a simple attack upon Whiterun. For the gates of The Void were set to open upon this unfortunate day of reckoning The prophesy that over saw this even read: “Thou shall quake in fear for thy largest beasts rise from the depths of The Void at the Darkest of Dawns and shall collect payment for thy sins in form of thou soul.” This was a day of beckoning for the province of Halite. Prince Elliot suddenly felt his feet leave the ground. He was expecting to turn around and see his mother carrying him. But he was moving further away from his mother, who was still standing watching Elliot (The God) prepared for the battle of a life time.

As Elliot was being dragged away by the shadowy figure that was ghosting them back at Riverwood, his family had not seen this unfold behind them. Although a kidnapping would have been like a speck of dirt in a puddle of mud, Elliot thought he might not be able to live much longer, for the kidnapper was covering his mouth and nose to stop him from yelling.

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Total Medals Earned: 20 (From 1 different game.)

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